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1 How/Where do I contact my home country's embassy here in the United States -or- a United States' embassy abroad?
2 What are the employer and employee penalties under the law?
3 How do I apply for citizenship if I am a "Green Card" holder?
4 How can I help my employee, friend or relative?
5 How can the applicant persuade the consul?
6 What is an advisory opinion?
7 What can an applicant do if he/she has been denied? Can he/she appeal?
8 How can an applicant learn why he/she was denied a visa at a post overseas?
9 Does the fiancé(e) visa automatically change to an alien registration card (green card)?
10 What is necessary for an alien to enter the U.S. to marry a U.S. citizen?
11 What does Dual Nationality mean?
12 Can an alien in the U.S. change visa status, or extend the period of time he/she is allowed to remain in the U.S.?
13 How does an alien obtain a student visa?
14 What does an applicant need for a visitor visa?
15 What must be done to invite someone for a visit to the United States?
16 Can a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident petition be processed at any foreign service post for the immigration of a relative?
17 The legal permanent residents left the child abroad with family members and returned to the U.S. They now wish to bring the child to the U.S. What must they do?
18 What documentation is required of a child born outside the U.S. of legal permanent residents?
19 How long is an immigrant visa valid? What if the applicant must delay arrival in the U.S.?
20 What fees are involved in obtaining an immigrant visa?
21 What kind of police certificates are acceptable?
22 How can I get the Visa Bulletin?
23 What is a priority date?
24 What is the waiting time for an immigrant visa after the National Visa Center or the foreign service post receives the approved petition?
25 What foreign service post handles approved immigrant visa petitions for persons who last resided in a country where there is no American consular representation?
26 What is the difference between an immigrant and a nonimmigrant visa?
27 What is the process for obtaining an immigrant visa if the Immigration and Naturalization Service (BCIS) approves the petition?
28 What is the difference between an immediate relative petition and a preference petition?

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